Remember To Take It Slow In Your Search

It’s important when you’re looking for a scat partner that you take your time with your search. There’s no point rushing or forcing your fetish on someone (or even looking desperate). If you take it easy with the “it could happen” attitude, the opportunity will present itself in due time!

  • You can focus on other things while you search casually for a scat partner on different scat dating sites.
  • You can date other people until you find one who may want to try. You never know, vanilla people have and will continue to entertain fetishes if you go about them the right way.

When the time comes to securing a girl or guy who is into scat, you’ll know and act on it! Remember to start slowly especially if they’re vanilla to BDSM / fetishes. Time is literally on your side.

Try talking about the scat fetish to someone to practice even if you know they’re going to turn you down. It allows you to get confident when it really comes time to have this amazing talk with a future partner. It’s all about the approach!

Good luck!

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